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Hey Mr B here,
And welcome to the Official web site of Red Seal Records ltd, a bright and ambitious offering. The thoughts and opinions within these pages offer an insight to the world of Mr Bonx.com and have no connection, links or time for sites of a similar name. Therefore it is with great pleasure to introduce you to some real links to some of the coolest people in the music business today, check out the photos of me and my chums, and hopefully laugh at the monthly rants about life, women, going for it and lager.

All the best Mr Bonx.com.

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Latest News Nov 2012

Yup, another new book out on December 1st 2012…. Its called  Inner Silent Way….

Inner Silent Way.

Welcome to the world of Alan Ross

Welcome to the world of a caring and passionate man, a man who struggles with the ups and downs of life; a man who desires change.

The Dorset Arms book at AmazonAlan, through a mixture of circumstance and choice, finds himself being carried down the river of fate, and into a life with some equally unusual, caring, passionate and interesting characters.

Alan, as an old man, recalls the adventures that he enjoyed, the mischief that he caused, the adversity that he overcame, and the love that he won and lost, throughout a period in his life in which the hands of fate reveal their cards.

Alan finds himself in a place of warmth, a place of love, a place filled with a passion for life. A place that invigorates his heart and soul, and that leads him on an unexpected adventure of self-discovery, of love, and of loss. An adventure chock full of the lessons of life; the discovery of oneself, of people, of places, of priorities and personality, and ultimately, of good and evil.

 These people and these adventures unwind to become the story of Alan’s life, as he spills the beans on every detail of his growing and fading relationships. A life story of how seemingly ordinary situations are turned by circumstance into situations that you don’t ordinarily encounter.

The fun and frolics, the laughter and tears, the games and adventures that build into an interesting and eventful life. 

A life of an otherwise ordinary man.

The life of Alan Ross.
James Gray 2012


I’m doing two book launches in December 2012.
The Book Shop, in the old High street of East Grinstead on Saturday 1st of December 2012; from 12.00 midday until 3.00pm.

At the Dorset Arms in the old high street of East Grinstead on Saturday 15th December 2012; from 12.00 midday until 3.00pm.

I will also be appearing on Krys O Briens Radio show on the 1st of December, from 10.00 am to 11.00 am…


I will be playing an acoustic track, by Alice Cooper, so keep your ears open for that one.

You can also follow me on twitter,


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See ya…


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